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Twhylite's Grove
Hi! If you're reading this, please don't mind the WIP.

You're welcome to download the layout, but be warned, I'm an amateuer. There are mistakes and oddities.

Also, I have 2 issues with my CSS coding that I need help with:

1. The menu's spacing prevents elements from either being centered at 100% zoom, or staying centered beyond 100% zoom. Depends on browser and screen size. This used to not be an issue, until I (potentially) accidently deleted something in the menu element. IDK what it was.

2. The <p> and <li> elements also have unexplained spacing. For <p> it's top/bottom, and for <li> it's left (and presumably, right). I can't override it just by coding for margin/padding for that element. As a work around, I have the first & last group of text in each "row" (this container) in a <div> instead.

Last Editted: March 28th, 2024.
Testing elements
Time to test elements inside this little container.
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